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The Setting

The gardens at Villa Raedward are a work in progress and are constantly being added to and enhanced for the pleasure of our guests.

The theme of the gardens is a mixture of formality and symmetry contrasted with more free-flowing plantings. Statuary and urns as well as seats and the pear walk and Japanese garden form focal points within the gardens and the surrounding farmlands, orchards and vineyards give way to the ever-changing colours of the surrounding mountains. 

Wherever possible the garden design and layout follows the advice of the landscaper, Russell Page, “Never plant one when you can plant many.” Plants are chosen for their tolerance to dryness, frosts and winds as well as their foliage and flower or fruiting qualities. Water conservation measures mean that all water is recycled wherever possible.

Guests should feel free to wander anywhere in the garden and enjoy it and the views of the Yarra Valley and its surrounding hills it affords.

Autumn in the Pear Walk